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Glion Institute of Higher Education is ranked among the top three hospitality management schools in the world by the TNS global survey, and won the award for Best Hospitality Management School at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2015. On campuses in Switzerland and London, Glion offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, plus an MBA online and online courses for hospitality professionals. Stay up-to-date with our monthly newsletters!

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27 | 06
I caught up with fellow Glioner Ambre Cazaux a couple of weeks ago. She’s currently in her 3rd semester of the Bachelor Degree and I asked her a few questions about her experience in Moorea, French...
22 | 06
Our UK Alumni Chapter has interviewed Darya Radchenko, a Glion alumna as part of their “a day in the life of” series. Could you please introduce yourself? I come from Kyiv in Ukraine, studied the BBA...
21 | 06
The first #CrowdTuesday in Switzerland took place April 26th on the Bulle campus of Glion Institute of Higher Education. This networking event was organized by the European Crowdfunding Network and...


20 | 06
I caught up with fellow Glioner Melina Levan, currently in her 3rd Semester of the Bachelor Degree, to ask her a few questions about her Rooms Division & Front Office Internship at La Renaissance...

Glion Blog View

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