Online Learning

Why online learning?

The demanding schedules of working professionals are no longer a barrier to enhancing qualifications. Glion Institute of Higher Education's virtual classroom provides study opportunities with a multi-national student community, and offers comprehensive support from enrollment to graduation.

The benefits of online study include:

  1. Small virtual class sizes
  2. Accessibility
  3. Interaction with international faculty and like-minded professionals
  4. Notable faculty who consist of industry experts, university professors and managers
  5. Support from a personally appointed Academic Support Coordinator who offers academic guidance throughout your period of study

With no geographic restrictions and flexible lecture times, dedicated working professionals from all over the world will now have access to a level of Higher Education that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online learning benefits

Glion's MBA is the first online program in International Hospitality Management dedicated to developing executive talent for the global hospitality industry. It offers students a management curriculum that balances hospitality and tourism applied knowledge with a core of management and leadership theory.

Key benefits

  1. 1st online MBA in International Hospitality and Service Industries Management – be among the first to get the "Glion Experience" from online learning and carry on the famous "Glion Spirit" as a graduate of our 1st online program
  2. Glion is ranked among the top 3 hospitality management institutions worldwide for an international career (TNS, UK Global Research, 2007)
  3. Fully flexible – to fit into your working life and meet your specific career needs
  4. Small virtual classes – so you can get personal attention: challenge and be challenged
  5. High levels of interactivity and collaborative learning – international faculty, industry experts and student body from the around the world
  6. Significant opportunities for developing the team building, decision making, presentation and other management skills required for the business world of tomorrow

Why Higher Education?

An Evolving Industry

The Travel & Tourism industry is set to steadily grow over the next ten years. Industry forecasts predict that:

  1. GDP is expected to rise from 9.2% (US$5,751 bn) in 2010 to 9.6% (US$11,151 bn) by 2020*
  2. Total employment is expected to rise from 8.1%, 235,785,000 jobs or 1 in 12 jobs in 2010, to 9.2% of total employment, 303,019,000 jobs, or 1 in every 11 jobs by 2020*

The facts speak for themselves - the Travel and Tourism industry is a market that continues to grow. With more and more qualified industry professionals, it is important to stand out from the crowd and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge that is expected of individuals who can manage and lead.

One of the main reasons why Glion chose to launch its online MBA in International Hospitality and Service Industries Management came from research carried out with industry professionals. The outcome confirmed our assumption that there was a specific need for higher education, delivered online, to busy working professionals:

74% of hoteliers considering an MBA are working in middle or senior management positions

With the increasingly competitive nature of the hospitality and tourism industry, a growing number of working professionals need to stand out from the crowd to climb the career ladder.

45% of respondents regularly work 50 hours a week or more, confirming that working professionals within the industry are highly committed to their profession

With the knowledge that industry professionals are so committed to their jobs, it is not surprising that:

69% of the respondents stressed that they would prefer the degree to be delivered online to keep their position whilst they study

Supported by this industry-based research and the focus on the needs of its professionals, we were able to design and implement a tailor-made MBA, fully accredited and delivered internationally online.


What to expect from online learning?

New demands

Today’s organizations in the international hospitality industry require profound specialist knowledge, but also flexible thinking, subtle management skills, practical expertise and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

A new way of learning

These demands can often be beyond the capabilities of the traditional classroom and distance learning methods. By bringing together like-minded working professionals in this unique 100 % online learning environment, we enable them to share the latest thinking from the real world in this tailor-made MBA specific to the international hospitality industry.

An MBA that fits into your life

All of your coursework, class discussions and group projects take place in an online environment which is 'asynchronous'. There are no fixed lecture times, the classroom is always open and you don’t need to synchronize your study with anyone else. You can interact with faculty and fellow students whenever and wherever you want.

Intensive and relevant

Our average class size is around 15-20, which means our faculty have time to give you personal attention at every stage. We believe flexibility is about more than convenience; it's about relevance too. That's why you can customize your program to suit your own specific work and career priorities.

Rigorous and challenging

You would expect a graduate degree from the Glion Institute for Higher Education to be demanding. And you would be right. The academic standards required for our online MBA are just as high as those for the on-campus MBA. This is no soft option.

From the moment the program starts, you are in constant discussion with your class peers. You receive regular feedback and grading from faculty and continuous support from a dedicated member of our academic support team. So, whilst your program is demanding and challenging, it never feels like a solo effort.

Family, friends and work

As a student on our online program, the MBA is a joint undertaking outside the virtual classroom too. You will need the full support of your family, friends and employer if you are to surmount the many challenges of this holistic experience. But, as you steadily apply your professional knowledge and skills during your studies you can expect the rewards of an unparalleled sense of satisfaction, renewed confidence and increased effectiveness in your job upon graduation.

New directions, new opportunities

Our online MBA program is not for everybody; it demands a high level of concentration, commitment and sheer hard work. We believe the experience will revitalize your career prospects in the field of international hospitality management, recast your understanding of the workplace and reveal opportunities you never imagined. This experience will change your life.

Our learning approach

100% online

The Glion MBA program is taught entirely via the internet.

You interact with your faculty and peers ‘email style’ whenever you want and wherever you are, making the best use of your valuable time.

Collaborative learning

We expect you to learn as much from your fellow students as from faculty.

We pick our students carefully to ensure this is the case. Like you, they are experienced professionals, with a thorough understanding of their profession, industry and country, aiming for the top.

Relevant projects

Your assignments and class discussions are normally based on 'real life' work issues, and the small class size means you can explore ideas and solutions in real depth.

You will usually carry out group projects in a small team, often across distant time zones, but you will also get plenty of opportunity to show how well you can work independently.

Life-long networks

The networks you establish during your program have potential long-term advantages too.

As a member of a diverse global community, you will enjoy easy access to connections and insights that would otherwise be out of reach.

Upon graduation, you will also become part of the Glion Alumni Association, a community of 8.000 Alumni, ranging from junior to top level professionals in the hospitality, leisure, and wider service industries.

Our ‘typical’ student

Of course there is no archetypal Glion student, but we do pride ourselves on the quality, knowledge and expertise of our students and graduates. A typical student will have a Bachelor's degree in business or the hospitality field, and several years relevant work experience.

Our students tend to occupy a range of management positions and welcome the opportunity to challenge themselves daily as they prepare to study for a relevant higher qualification while maintaining their day-to-day responsibilities, professionally and personally.

Personal support

Enrolment Advisor

To help you get started, your Enrolment Advisor will guide you through the entire application process, and answer any questions you may have about your program, modules, forms and fees.

Your Enrolment Advisor will also advise you on the various financial options available and help you choose the plan best suited to your needs.

Academic Support Coordinator

Once you have been accepted as a student by GIHE, an Academic Support Coordinator will replace your Enrolment Advisor as your guide for the duration of your program.

Your Academic Support Coordinator will help you build a schedule which shows which classes you need to take and when, based on your personal preferences and goals. He or she will also check in with you periodically to make sure you're comfortably on track.

You can contact your Academic Support Coordinator at any time with problems or questions regarding any academic matters - including classes, Faculty, attendance or grades.

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